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The LIFE project `Conservation strategies for forests and torrents in the region Gesaeuse´ forms the starting point of the renaturation of the river Enns. Typical river structures, such as bank scars, sand and gravel bars, rifles and pools, have been developed on the `Paltenspitz´ by connecting the river `Palten´ with the river Enns.

The renaturation of the river Enns was continued in the LIFE+ project ´River Landscape Enns´, where an investment sum of about 2,9 billion Euros was taken for the period of 2011 and 2015. The project was completed on 31.12.2015 according to plan.

The implementation of eight measures was an important step towards habitat improvement and the so called ´passive flood protection´ in specific stretches of the River Enns. The measures were implemented according to the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive.
50% of the project was financed by the European Union, whereas national contributions were distributed variably between project applicant and co-financers.

The new Enns - The movie (documentation 22 minutes)

The new Enns - The movie (short movie 7 minutes)

Layman's report - The new Enns

Layman's report (pdf)

Project completion

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