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Management of the natural environment
  Within the scope of `River Landscape Enns´ falls the reintroduction and initiating of river typical structures such as secondary channels, gravel bars, shallow banks, alluvial forests and ponds in eight different stretches of stream.

These are:
(1) Grabner Au
(2) Admont Ost
(3) Dampfsäge
(4) Salza Mündung
(5) Gersdorfer Altarm
(6) Eßlingbach
(7) Ardningbach
(8) Alte Salza
Accompanying scientific investigations
  After implementation, the measures were investigated scientifically by means of a monitoring programme, which facilitates the success control of the project.
Public relations
  Public relations were an integral part of the project. Additionally to the periodical information of the public via the media, the project homepage and brochures, a film, dealing with the peculiarities of the river Enns and the project-measures was produced. Link to the movie


Project completion

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