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Journey to the measures

Journey to the measures

Measure Alte Salza

In the area of the old mouth of the River Salza, the River Enns was widened on both banks along an approximately 200 m stretch and structured essentially naturally. In the area subject to measures, removal of the stone reinforcements and lowering of the banks has amplified the exposure of both the old and new alluvial forest areas to the dynamics of flooding of the River Enns, allowing features typical of a river and alluvial forest landscape to develop once more.

This containment area connected to the River Enns offers habitat and shelter during flooding to juvenile fish and fish species that avoid strong currents. Numerous ponds structured with deadwood were created for amphibians.

Construction period:                     November 2014 till April 2015

Construction management:           Building authority of Liezen

Alluvial forest development:          2.65 hectares

Alluvial forest secured:                 0.55 hectares

Secondary channel / widening:    210m

Amphibian ponds laid:                   2000m²

Revitalisation of backwater pool:  200m

Enlargement of the Natura 2000 area:  1.4 hectares


Measure Admont Ost

In this area to the east of Admont, an old meander, in which the water courses had silted up over time, was once again connected to the River Enns. At the mouth of the excavated section of old meander at times of average water depth of the River Enns, the build-up of water offers fish a haven in a calm zone that also offers habitat for juvenile fish.

The riparian ponds on the downstream section of the old meander offer valuable habitat for plants and amphibians and have been conserved. Only in the event of elevated flow levels in the River Enns does flow cover this area, thereby improving water supply to the riparian ponds.

Construction period:                  February 2013 till May 2013

Construction management:        Building authority of Liezen

Alluvial forest development:       0.2 hectares

Alluvial forest secured:              2.9 hectares

Reconnection of old meander:   410m

Amphibian ponds secured:         6100m²


Pictures Admont Ost

Measure Grabner Au

The measures at Grabner Au include widening of the river bed on the left bank of the River Enns along a 300 m stretch and the initiation of alluvial forest on an area along the Rabenbachgraben watercourse. Bank revetments along the River Enns were removed and a highly-structured secondary channel was dug so as to widen the River Enns. The sequence of moderate-flow open-water areas and deep potholes, along with both steep and gentle bank sections, offers varied habitat for endangered bird and fish species of the River Enns.

Construction period:                      December 2012 till January 2013

Construction management:            Building authority of Liezen

Alluvial forest development:          0.8 hectares

Secondary channel / widening:    300m

Pictures Grabner Au

Measure Eßlingbach

The location where the Esslingbach stream enters the River Enns was previously reconstructed and secured with hard stone, presenting a step in the river bed that was insurmountable for fish. As part of the measures here, the mouth of the stream was rendered accessible to fish by means of an ascent corridor and the stream was widened along a 400 m section. The creation of gravel islands, provision of calm water zones and removal of bank revetments have thus enabled the development of a highly dynamic section that supports the River Enns? processes of exchange.

Construction period:                             January 2013 till March 2013

Construction management:                   Torrent and Avalanche Control management for the area of northern Styria

Alluvial forest secured:                        1.9 hectares

Revitalisation of backwater pool:         400m

Enlargement of the Natura 2000 area:  2.4hectares

Pictures Eßlingbach

Measure Dampfsäge

To the west of Admont the River Enns received widening in the form of a secondary channel along the left bank. The existing bank vegetation was retained in the form of an island, whilst foreshore areas saw existing alluvial forest areas secured, and the creation of flat banks frequently covered by flow encourages the development of a softwood forest. Removal of the bank revetments enables the development of dynamic processes and structuring by means of deadwood not only raises species diversity among small creatures in the water but also provides habitat and opportunities for concealment for fish. The provision of ponds in the strip of forest offers spawning areas for numerous amphibians.

Construction period:                     November 2012 till December 2012

Construction management:          Building authority of Liezen

Alluvial forest development:         0.35 hectares

Alluvial forest secured:                0.45 hectares

Secondary channel / widening:   300m

Amphibian ponds laid:                 135m²



Pictures Dampfsäge

Measure - Ardningbach

The Ardningbach is a typical wild stream and enters the River Enns to the south of the municipality of Ardning. A dominant feature of the lower course was a basin for retaining sediment and it flowed into the River Enns over a weir construction.

In order to achieve access for fish, the weir construction was demolished and the mouth of the stream was reconstructed with a gentle gradient over stones. The former basin area was structured using willow and a gravel bank and the bank revetment was partially relieved. As a result, fish can once again ascend the Ardningbach stream to spawn, find new, valuable habitat and shelter in the event of high flow rates on the River Enns.

Construction period:                             April 2012 till May 2012

Construction management:                   Torrent and Avalanche Control management for the area of northern Styria

Alluvial forest development:                 0.2 hectares

Revitalisation of backwater pool:         200m


 Pictures Ardningbach

Measure - Salzamündung

Upstream of the mouth of the River Salza a secondary channel was created to allow new types of habitat to develop. At the widening along the left bank a dynamic flow system was initiated, subject to continuous processes of change. With their deep and open water zones as well as those with substantial currents or indeed stiller, the new structures offer numerous and diverse habitat types for animals and plants, encouraging the development of essentially natural river course conditions on the Enns.

In future, floods will be allowed to spread over a greater cross-section, whilst creating new structures on the river bed and more frequently flooding the existing alluvial forest again.

Construction period:                    November 2011 till December 2011

Construction management:          Building authority of Liezen

Alluvial forest secured:               4.45 hectares

Secondary channel / widening:  250m

Amphibian ponds laid:                 750m²

Pictures opening event   Pictures development status Salza



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