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Project completion

The LIFE+ project  "Flusslandschaftsentwicklung Enns" was completed on 31.12.2015 according to plan.

The download of all project information materials can be made via this website

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Wasserland price 2016

After the Wasserland price 2014 for the LIFE+ measure area Admont Ost, now three more LIFE+ measure areas, namely the Salzamündung, the Alte Salza" and the Eßlingbach have been awarded with the Wasserland price 2016.


The Enns LIFE+ river landscape development projects Salzamündung, Alte Salza and Eßlingbach document in a particularly successful manner, that flood control and water ecology are compatible and can create valuable natural and recreational space.

The implemented measures restored important natural functions of the affected landscape area at the respective water sections of the Enns and the Eßlingbach.

Finalization ceremony for the measure area "Alte Salza"

About 450 guests celebrated on 17.10.2015 at the river Enns in Niederöblarn the finalization of the LIFE+ project "river landscape development Enns".

The municipalities Mitterberg-Saint Martin and Öblarn invited to this ceremony in the measure area "Alte Salza" together with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management and the Office of the State Government of Styria.

Press tour at the river Enns

Four years have elapsed since the opening event of the LIFE+ project "Rivers landcape Enns" with the ground-breaking ceremony at the Salza mouth. Since then all eight planned measures have been implemented.

On 09.07.2015, in the course of a barge ride, focus was laid on the last two measures "Gersdorfer Altarm" and "Alte Salza" of the five-year LIFE+ Project.

16th LIFE-platform in St. Martin am Grimming

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, the Office of the State Government of Styria , Department 14 - Water management, Resources and Sustainability  and Department  13 - Environment and Spatial Planning, Nature Conservation  invited to the 16th LIFE-platform Austria, which took place from 16.-17. June 2014.

This year the project team of the LIFE + project "River landscape Enns" organized this event and was delighted to welcome more than 50 participating experts in St. Martin am Grimming.

All ongoing LIFE projects in Austria were presented and exchanged a lot of information. This time we welcomed also 2 LIFE projects from neighboring Germany!

Finalization of the measures Gersdorfer Altarm

After a construction period of approximately 4 months, the measure Gersdorfer Altarm was completed in June 2014.

Pictures of the measure Gersdorfer Altarm can be found here

Opening of the measure Admont Ost with press conference

On May 23, 2014 the measure at Admont Ost was solemnly opened!

Mayor Günther Posch and the two Provincial Members of Parliament Johann Seitinger and Dr. Gerhard Kurzmann presented the measure and the LIFE+ project "River landscape Enns".

In the course of the ceremony there was the possibility to participate in the recovery of the riparian forest and to plant young trees in the measure area.

Wasserland Styria Award 2014

With the award of the "Wasserland Styria Award" every two years, special services and projects will be awarded for the protection and benefit of water. The "Wasserland Styria Award" 2014 was given in the categories"water supply, water conservation, flood protection and natural- and recreational space waters ".

[Wasserland Styria Award]

The LIFE + measure "Admont Ost" - a reconnection of an oxbow, has won in the category of "natural- and recreational space waters" the Wasserland Styria Award 2014!
The price of € 3,500 share the three winners:

  • Municipal Admont - price € 1200 with winning photo
  • Municipal Ranten - price € 1200 with winning photo
  • City of Graz, Dept. of green space and water - price € 1200 with winning photo

Opening of the measure Eßlingbach

Two years is the opening event of the LIFE + project "River Landscape Enns" dated back. Since the project has started, six of eight measures have already been implemented. 

In the presence of Mayor Watzl, Gerhard Baumann, Rudolf Hornich and Dr. Johann Zebinger the revitalization of the Eßlingbach in the community Hall is focused. Also the already implemented or processing measures will be presented.
During the opening ceremony, the team of the Nationalpark Gesäuse offers the opportunity to microscopy micro-organisms of the stream and provides information on the habitat in and around the local creeks.

The province of Styria invites you to "Opening Eßlingbach after conversion by LIFE +"
on Tuesday, 25 June 2013 at 10:00 clock at the mouth of Esslingbach - roundabout Admont-Hall!

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Completion of the measures Admont Ost, Eßlingbach and Grabner Au

Three other measures of the LIFE + project "Flusslandschaft Enns" have been successfully implemented in the first half of 2013.

Photos of the measures Graner Au, and Eßlingbach Admont Ost can be found here.

LIFE+ Workshop in Schladming

On 10 and 11.06.2013 in Schladming a LIFE + workshop entitled "Alpine biogeographical new process" was proceeded.
The LIFE project "Flusslandschaft Enns" could be hosting an international workshop with representatives of the European Commission and other participants of LIFE projects in alpine habitats in the region Schladming.
Two days long an experience with different nations and projects in the areas of water, wetlands, grasslands and forest took place. Represented were the countries Austria, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy and Sweden.

Visit external Monitoringteam of the European Commission
There was a visit of representatives of European Commssion and the the external monitoringteam of the European Commssion, represented by Cornelia Schmitz, on 5th and 6th July 2013.  

The progress of the project was presented and the measures were visited.


Completion of the meassure Dampfsäge

In December the measure Dampfsäge was completed by the BBL Liezen. Further Details can be found here.

Development status Salzamündung

The measure at the Salzamündung has an impressive dynamic development on the Enns! Here is a current overview of the development:

Completion of the measure Ardningbach

In mid-May the measure Ardningbach was completed by the WLV. It took only one week. Further Details can be found here.

Visit external Monitoringteam of the European Commission

There was a visit of the external monitoringteamof the European Commssion, represented by Cornelia Schmitz,  on 7th and 8th May.  

The progress of the project was presented and the measures were visited.

Opening of the estuary of the river Salza on 16th December 2011

With the opening of the measure of the estuary of the river Salza and the flooding of the new branch of the river Enns in the municipality of St. Martin am Grimming, headed by mayor Manfred Danklmaier, court counsellor Rudolf Hornich, court counsellor Dr. Peter Frank and court counsellor Gerhard Taschler, the first measure of the EC Life+ project river basin Enns was completed.

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Kick-off meeting on 27th May 2011
More Enns. The realization starts.

The ground-breaking ceremony for the measures of the estuary at the river Salza (municipality St. Martin am Grimming) together with councillor of Styria Johann Seitinger and SC-representative. DDr. Dorith Breindl (Environment Ministry) is the kick-off event of the LIFE + project (2011 - 2015) at the river Enns.

Folder - More Enns. The realization starts. (in German language)

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Project completion

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